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The Material of PCB Manufacturing

There are many steps in PCB manufacturing, but first of all, we need to decide the material. Because different material has different performance in the production of PCB. We need to choose the material seriously according to the types of PCB we need. So understanding the material deep is very important. Today we will get some knowledge of one material---FR-4.  

FR-4 material.jpg

FR-4 material

Introduction of FR-4

FR-4 has another name called “Glass reinforced epoxy laminated sheets”, which is made up of woven fiberglass cloth with epoxy resin binder. The words FR in FR-4 stands for “Fire Retardant” so that it can resist the fire in some degree. That is because the epoxy resin binder in FR-4 is flame resistant.  

Advantages of FR-4

For the most widely used material in PCB manufacturing house, FR-4 also has many advantages in bulk PCB manufacturing, such as high dielectric, high mechanical property, light weight, resist to moisture and so on. High dielectric ensure it will not lead to a short circuit with connection of copper. While high mechanical property means it can be well soldered and will not be easy to turn up in high temperature environment.        

What introduced above is only one kind of material of PCB, there are a lot of other kinds material for the use of different PCB.

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