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Electronic Component Sourcing
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Your supply chain solution starts hereALLPCB brings you the depth of experience, market insight, and industry relationships essential to respond with agility to changing marketplace conditions and your evolving supply needs.
Smart Lighting Solutions

Applicable to all kinds of lighting products such as lamps, light sources, outdoor lighting, commercial lighting, etc.

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Smart Electrical Materials Solutions

Suitable for electrical products such as switches, sockets, scene switches, circuit breakers, etc.

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Smart Video Surveillance Solutions

Suitable for IPC products such as card machines, bolt machines, PTZ machines, video doorbells, etc.

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Smart Security Sensing Solutions

Support all kinds of sensors such as door sensor, smoke, gas, temperature and humidity, light, etc.

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Smart Kitchen Appliance Solutions

Suitable for small appliances such as sweepers, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, etc.

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Smart Home Appliance Solutions

Suitable for televisions, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, and other large home appliances

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Applicable to all kinds of lighting products
  • Manual Inspection
    Manual Inspection

    Preliminary inspection before components enter the warehouse

  • Professional Training
    Professional Training

    Professional training for quality inspectors Re-inspection by the senior for double protection

  • Classified and Specialized Inspection
    Classified and Specialized Inspection

    Specialized quality inspection for profound quality Rapid screening of qualified products

Manual Inspection Professional Training Classified and Specialized Inspection
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