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The Advance Notice of Allpcb Points Rules Change

2021-10-30  ALLPCB Team

Dear Allpcbers,


Thank you for your continuous support on us.

Weve launched the ALLPCB Points activity for almost two years now. Many of you may enjoyed the discount and benefits from our program. To learn more, please click here


However, under the influence of multiple factors, such as company development, market change, capital chain etc, we are going to modify our points policy to keep pace with the fast changing environment.


Please find the new ALLPCB Points Policy below:

1. Discount based on the account level will be canceled.

2. We will not empty your current Points.

3. $1=1 point, for example you spend $1234 on the order , 1234 points will be sent after the payment.

4. In the new points system, you can use your points to buy many goods, including Iphone, Huawei P40, DJi Drone, discount coupon, free prototype coupon and so on.

5.The new points system as well as ALLPCB Shopping Store will be launched officially on the 1st December.

6.  All points will be reset by the end of each year (2021 is not included).

If you have any batch orders recently, welcome to place them before 1st December so that you could still enjoy current discount benefits.


For more information or questions, please consult with your salesman.


Thank you.



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