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Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Project Background:

Indoor furniture products for basic office space and furniture environment can avoid obstacles and turn automatically when cleaning is needed, and the cleaning work can be completed automatically. Be able to build clean maps autonomously in a way similar to walking. Sufficient power and strong suction.

Design Research:

Smart vacuum cleaner is mainly used to clean the dust and garbage on the ground, and it can also be a small autonomous mobile vacuum cleaner. This kind of robot is a kind of wireless machine. Its body is mostly round. Gener ally speaking, it is controlled by the control panel. Most of it can be cleaned regularly and charged automatically.


The main goal orientation of the product is to take "multi-function and intelligent" as the core. Because most of the application places are large-area indoor, equipped with a motor with large power to improve suction and cleaning ability. It is equipped with multiple groups of detectors in an all-round way, with a detection range of 270 degrees and automatic identification of meeting; equipped with infrared sensors, it can automatically identify the falling system and shield obstacles at the same time; LED light group and touch panel are internally linked to each sensor and motor drive. Achieve maximum high power and intelligence.

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