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ALLPCB's Wholly Owned Factory Has Awarded IATF 16949 Certification


Recently, the circuit board production of ALLPCB's wholly owned factory, Anhui Jiefang Electronics Co., Ltd., has passed the NSF quality inspection and met the requirements of IATF 16949, awarded the global authoritative automotive quality management system certification. It means that ALLPCB's SMT process has conformed to the standards of the automotive industry!

NSF is an authority in the field of public health and safety, which specializes in standard setting, product testing and certification services in the fields of public health, safety and environmental protection. When an enterprise or product is certified, it means that it has reached the technical and quality standards of the industry. The full name of IATF16949 is "Quality Management System---Organization and Implementation of ISO9007 Requirements for Production Parts and Related Service Parts in the Automotive Industry". IATF16949 is a technical specification for the international automotive industry. Meeting the required standards means that ALLPCB has met the product supply needs of the automotive industry.


ALLPCB always uses strict standards on product quality. The IATF certification is a proof of product quality, process and management system. We will proceed to maintain high standards and supply better products. At the same time, obtaining the certification from an independent third-party sees our advantage to stand out in the market. It is also a major breakthrough for the company to open up new fields. ALLPCB has officially entered the automotive industry, which is an important step to expand our competitiveness. ALLPCB will produce more and advanced products, aiming that there are no circuit boards we can't do in the world!

Anhui Jiefang Electronics Co., Ltd., one of ALLPCB's wholly owned factories is located in Guangde Development Zone, Anhui Province. It was officially put into production in May 2020. The first phase of the factory covers an area of about 15,000 square meters. At present, it has a 7,500-square-meter dust-free workshop and a 4,300-square-meter warehouse for finished materials. The project has planned 14 industry-leading SMT lines, equipped with plug-in lines and assembly lines, with an annual output of 10 million communication modules and related application products. The factory has the transformation, R&D, and product manufacturing capabilities of the key technologies in IoT. We can provide customers with a full set of integrated EMS services (Electronic Manufacturing Services) such as SMT, DIP, conformal coating, testing, and assembly.


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