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Published on 2021/11/10 16:46:39

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Components Used in the Project

  • Attiny 85 *1
  • Lithium ion battery (100mAh) *1
  • smd led *1
  • connecting wires *2
  • smd 1k resistor *1
  • smd capacitors (0.1uF) *1
  • smd capacitors (0.01uF) *5


Introduction The quick within a dog’s nail is a “vascular structure,” meaning it has nerves and lots of blood vessels within it. So when it sustains an injury, it is painful for the dog—and there tends to be a lot of bleeding. Cutting your dog’s nail too much and seeing it bleed can be a traumatizing event. Here’s how to make a dog’s nail stop bleeding and how to avoid cutting it too far in the future. Problem statement:- Nail Injuries in Dogs Nail injuries are one of the most common minor injuries that veterinarians treat dogs for. There are two main types dog nail injuries: Nail trim injuries: These are often caused by well-intentioned pet parents simply trying to trim their dog’s nails at home. Nail fractures: Sometimes, pet parents are unware that this type of injury has occurred until they notice a bleeding nail or find a nail that their dog has lost. The second type of injury is more serious and usually requires some veterinary intervention to prevent an infection. Both types of injuries can be triaged at home, but you should always talk with your veterinarian if possible before treating your pet to make sure they don’t need any additional care. My Idea and Working:- Our pcb is a small circuit which will be place on the finger of the person cutting the nails of dog(it can also be used for any other animal). This circuit will illuminate the skin under the dogs nails and thus the person cutting the nails will understand where the nail ends and where the skin starts thus accidentally cutting the dogs skin will be avoided and in-turn preventing the bleeding and hurt caused to your beloved pet .This pcb will have a small extended led pixel which can be turned ON/OFF using a small button available on the circuit. This circuit will also have a small rechargeable lithium - ion battery which gives a pretty good battery backup. The ckt also holds a USB C type port which can be used to charge the small rechargeable lithium - ion battery on board. It also has different modes in the circuit like auto-shut off, low battery indication, timer mode and press to glow mode. How all PCB helped on the way:- I had this idea but needed a really good and trusted PCB manufacturer to built me this PCB prototype and I found ALLPCB as the best one in PCB manufacturing field. I ordered this PCB from ALLPCB and they delivered an excellent product in time, I really love their service and look forward to doing more business with them in future :)



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