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Fun flashing Christmas lights

Published on 2021/11/10 10:02:41

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Components Used in the Project

  • 10uF Electrolytic capacitor 16v *2
  • ceramic capacitor 15pF *2
  • 180R resistor 0805 *8
  • 4.7k resistor 0805 *6
  • 220R resistor 0805 *1
  • 360R resistor 2w *1
  • 100k resistor 1w *1
  • 10k resistor 0805 *5
  • EL817 optocoupler *1
  • operational amplifier LM358 smd *1
  • atmega88 smd *1
  • Moc3021 *1
  • BC847B *4
  • Diode DL4003 *1
  • MB10f *1
  • common cathode display 3641AS *1
  • connector sil 2 terminals *2
  • connector tblock B4 *1
  • connector tblock B2 *1
  • connector sil 6 terminals *1
  • switch *2
  • crystal 4 MHz *1


The project is a control for 220V incandescent lamps, in order to flash in different fun ways. The modes "L00", "L01", "L02", "L03" and "L04" These are the modes that say the flashing rhythms of the lamp. L00 mode uses various types of blinking. The rest of the modes use a single blinking rhythm. By pressing the first button you can select the dance mode you want. The second button changes the power sent to the lamp. The power mode is represented by "P" and you can choose whether you want the lamp to shine brightly or just modestly. This device is capable of supporting very high wattage lamps, depending on the triac used. While the lamp flashes, the sign shows the message: "Merry Christmas, Peace, Happiness and hope for you" At startup, "AllPCB" is also shown on the display. Connectors J1 and J5 are used connecting an LDR: if you want to leave it on at all times, remove resistor R22 and do not connect anything to these connectors (remembering that you cannot use resistors R19 or R22 at the same time. only 1 their). If you want the device to turn on only at night, remove resistor R22 and connect an LDR to connector J1. When the voltage on the LDR-R19 splitter is less than 2.5v, the device will come into action. If you want it to work only during the day (for work environments, for example), remove resistor R19, solder resistor R22 and connect the LDR to terminal J5. when the voltage on the LDR-R22 splitter is less than 2.5v the device will work. It may be necessary to dimension the values of resistors R19 / R22 so that the voltage is 2.5v at the light intensity that you want to automatically activate the device. The device also has a special socket that supports TO-220 and TO92 triacs. The "Gate", "T1" and "T2" tags help you not to connect the triac wrongly. The project was created with the purpose of being a miniature PID thermostat. But it was modified to become really USELESS. What is it for? Wherever your imagination suggests. Maybe you want a flashy, playful Christmas tree with the brightest incandescent light bulb in your town. then you already have the device that will do it for you and have fun with its beautiful glow!



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