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2017/5/5 11:24:36

The connector is the core component necessary for the electrical connection of the whole circuit system, and its function is achieved by electrical signals and mechanical forces. In the high-speed development of electronics, the connector is widely used in automotive, communications, aerospace, military equipment, computers, industrial, household appliances and other fields.


The connector is a bridge that communicates within the circuit system. It is easy to maintain and upgrade. At the same time, it can simplify the assembly process of electronic products, improve the flexibility of design and production, automation of the whole system and reduce the cost.


The global connector market continues to grow in the last 40 years, according to Bishop& Associate data, the global connector market grew from 59.4 billion RMB in 1980 to 364.3 billion RMB in 2016, and the compound growth rate is up to 5.2%. Although the connector market has a temporary decline after 2014, the ensuing economic recovery and technological upgrading will continue to drive the industry to move forward quickly.

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