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2022-11-10 10:24:25


PCB 1-4 Layer

5 pcs, 100mm*100mm max size, FR-4, Max Thickness 1.6mm; Green solder mask, White silkscreen, Min Spacing 6 mil; Min hole size 0.3mm; No other special requirements.

Flexible PCB

5 pcs; 100mm*100mm max size; 1-2 layer; Immersion gold 1 U''; Laser Forming; One selected stiffener Material; Min spacing 3 mil; Min Hole size 0.2mm; Max thickness 0.2mm.


5 sets; 300mm*300mm max size; Single sided; 300 SMD Solder Joints max, 50 DIP Solder Joints max; 30 Unique Parts max; No other special requirements.

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