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All about PCBA.

2020-04-26 17:33:17


1. How can I order PCBA?

2. Which items are covered in the quoted price on assembly quotation site?

Setup fee, stencil fee, assembly fee, package fee and labor cost.

The quoted is the draft cost for assembly, the final complete PCB, component parts, and assembly cost will be updated on ALLPCB website after reviewed.

3. Do you accept components supplied by customer? Or do you offer assembly service on boards fabricated by another company?

Of course. ALLPCB can satisfy your needs occurring in every process.


4. Is there any superiority about ALLPCB SMT service?

Except for high-quality products, highly automatic and 7*24 online service, the SMT service we offer is the real meaning of One-Stop Shopping Service.

Triune service architecture, namely self-running PCB factories, SMT assembly plant and components mall, ensures the high efficiency. For example, from components warehouse to SMT plant, it takes only several hours.

Meanwhile, our own factories make our service pretty flexible. Turn-key, partial turn-key, consigned, merely SMT service… Any kind of needs can be met at ALLPCB.

Besides, thanks to the long-term and stable cooperation with our suppliers like ST, the price of our components is competitive.

5. Which kind of files are required for PCBA order?

1) Gerber file, for PCB production.

2) BOM file (Bill of Materials). View Sample BOM.

3) CPL file (Component Placement List) or PNP file (Pick& Place File). They’re used to determine the correct location on boards by automatic SMT Assembly machines. View Sample CPL.

6. How about the smallest/largest size during assembly?

1) On SMT Assembly machines:

    Smallest size: 50*50mm

    Largest size: 1200*460mm

2) Manual work: No limited.

7. What are your requirements for the panelized board?

Please panelize your boards with stamp holes or V-cut.

The panelized size within the range of 100*100mm and 300*300m would be better.

8. Do I need to add fiducial marks myself?

No, you don’t have to. We’ll add fiducial marks for SMT assembly.

9. How do you define turn-time?

Assembly turn-time begins as soon as PCB turn-time ends. PCA orders can be finished within 24 hours.

The necessary materials for SMT assembly will be prepared (SMT engineering data, components and solder paste stencil, etc.) during PCB production, so that assembly can begin immediately after PCB fabrication completed.

Therefore, to accelerate production, please make your files clear, accurate and normative as far as possible.


10. Is lead or lead-free assembly provided?

Both are available.

11. Do you support BGA components assembly?


You can learn more about ALLPCB Flexible PCB Assembly Service.

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