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What is X-out PCB? Is there price difference when I don’t accept X-out PCB?

2020-03-16 11:19:32


Most PCB units (having an identical pattern) are manufactured into one single panel to improve the productivity in an automatic part mounting process. Taking a 20-piece PCB as example, a panel containing 5*4 boards will be produced.

When paneling, there is a chance that one or more PCB units of that panel are shown as defective, trace damage or some unavoidable issues during production.

The defective unit will be remarked with “X”. Therefore, it is called X-out PCB or X-out Board.



On, we offer you two options about X-out PCB:

1. X-out Accepted


If you don’t have demand for none X-out PCB, we’ll reproduce the defective PCB units. All the PCB units, including good and defective ones, will be delivered to your side.

Please attention that, the quantity of good PCBs would be equal to or more than that you ordered.


For example, you order 10 panels each containing 50 boards, but 2 defective boards appear. Then 11 panels would be delivered (Some of those panels contain bad boards.).


Intelligent panelization and production system have been applied by us, therefore very low detective fraction has been achieved.

2. X-out Not Accepted


If you choose “Not Accept”, all boards delivered are qualified without detective ones. In this case, more PCBs will be produced to avoid defectiveness, resulting an average increase of more than 70% added up to the sales price. The concrete price will be determined by the size and quantity of your products.


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